Slide gate valves are popular in the cement manufacturing industries because of the powerful stopping abilities of highly abrasive resistant gate mediums. CMO valves can handle the demands of cement processing.


Chemical process systems vary greatly in application particulars and requirements. Notably strong gate mediums, ability to handle high-pressure requirements, and bi-directional flow are all qualities that CMO knife gate valves handle with ease and unsurpassed reliability.


Use of slide gate valves in energy process systems and energy producing situations is a highly demanding and requires zero-tolerance for failure. Extremely high pressure handling valves are popular in energy production for both liquids and gases.


CMO slide gate and knife gate valves in food process systems are extremely popular for their reliability, space efficient operation, accurate flow control and dosing capabilities when pair with volumetric feeders and load cells. Bi-directional flow, hygienic design, and range of models to accommodate dry foods to liquids are why CMO valves highly regarded among food production facilities.

Paper Pulp

Paper pulp industries use slide and knife gate valves are ideal in various stages of production. Strong gate mediums, abrasive resistance, and temperature resistance make CMO valves an ideal choice. 

Water Treatment

CMO slide and knife gate valves are ideal in water treatment facilities because of their water-tight seals, abilities to handle a range of applications and uses, as well as high reliability in flow control systems.