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Moving Bulk Powders? Slide Gates and Knife Gates.

Basecamp Process Components, located in Plain City, Ohio, offers a vast range of Knife Gate and Slide Gate Valves that come in various sizes and configurations. From 2” ANSI up to 40” ANSI and even larger, BPC carries a vast spectrum of quality CMO valves that are tailored to perform in various applications, from dry bulk solids, to slurries, liquids, and others.

Selecting a Valve

With so many options, how do you start your valve selection? There are some basic questions that your BPC sales engineer will ask you:

  1. Is the application for a dry granular material or for a wet or slurry material?
  2. What is the internal working pressure inside the valve?
  3. If a wet application, are you dealing with Bi-Directional Flow?
  4. Do you require upgraded seals or a bonnet to prevent valve leakage? 

Narrowing Down

These questions will generally lead you to one or two possible valve Series to choose, and the remaining questions relate to configuration:

  1. Valve Size: ANSI or DIN flanges are possible in a range of sizes from 2” – 40”+ diameters.
  2. Preferred Valve Materials: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, etc.
  3. Type of Actuator: Hand Wheel, Pneumatic Actuator, Electric Actuator, Hydraulic Actuator.


      There can be are some other choices, such as type of “Seats Materials” and “Blade Packing Materials” to choose. We can assist in recommendations if specify the media material for the application and these choices are also listed for each valve series.

Series F – Gates for Powders & Bulk Solids

Solids, Uni-directional Flow, Low Pressure

Series FK – Upgraded Seals from F Series

Solids, Uni-directional Flow, Better seals than F Series

Series C – Square and Rectangular Knife Gate Valves

Solids, Uni-directional Flow, Better seals than F Series

Working with Liquids or Slurries? Try these Knife Gates below.

Series A – Most Popular, Mainly Clean Fluids

Liquids low in solids, Uni-directional Flow, <145 PSI Pressure

Series AB – Like A Series, but Bi-Directional

Liquids low in solids, Bi-directional Flow, <145 PSI Pressure

Series K – Like A Series, But With Bonnet For Sealing.

Liquids and Gasses, Uni-directional, <145 PSI Pressure

Series T – Lug Type Knife Gate For Higher Pressures On Large Valves

Liquids low in solids, Uni-directional, <145 PSI

Series L – Through Knife Gate For Liquids With High Solids Concentration

Liquids low in solids, Bi-directional Flow, <145 PSI Pressure

Series D – Heavy-duty Knife Gate For High Pressure And High Solids Concentration

Liquids and Gasses high in solids, Uni-directional, High Pressure

Knife and slide gate valves work by utilizing a flat planar medium that arrests the flow of product; effectively cutting like a knife and closing the tubular opening completely.

While sometimes used interchangeably, slide gate valves are most often associated with dry applications. Knife gate valves are most often associated with wet applications.

There are several quality slide and knife gate manufacturers to choose from. However, manufacturers may not all have the same application expertise or quick turnaround abilities. We at BPC are flow control experts. It’s what we specialize in. BPC chooses its product line based on our industry expertise as to what valves provide the highest quality and performance for your application. Contact us and see how our quick turnaround, expertise, and total value as a supplier benefits your business.